My bisexual wife

My wife invited me to join threesome with a third bi woman

I am a straight man and I have a bisexual wife, we are open minded and often as bisexual couple looking for female to threesome fun. I have known her Sexual orientation before we married, but I still accept her, and love her deeply. Now that we've been married for five years, in the five years my wife often played with her bisexual girlfriend. I do not mean to ask her anything. As long as my family can get along well in life, I know that as a bisexual, it is hard for both men and women to choose.

Just last week, my wife actually told me she wanted to invite me to play threesome with her girlfriend. This made me feel very surprised, was this right? I quietly asked myself. But I really really wanted to try threesome and wanted to know what it feels like. So I promised her when after communicating with my wife for a while. The moment I agreed, my wife was happy like a kid who received a Christmas present. She said it was simply her dream to be able to have sex with two people she loved at the same time.

My wife has been unable to wait for the threesome, but her girlfriend was only available on weekends. I thought this may be a long wait for her. So I told her that as good as we could enjoy the video about threesome before weekends. So we started watching the threesome video, wow, really exciting, I looked forward to very much after watching and my wife was even more hungry.

Finally, the long-awaited weekend came. My wife invited her girlfriend to the house. I was also very friendly with her, but also for her a hearty lunch. When we had lunch and in the afternoon, we started to talk about sex. I could feel threesome's time was getting closer and closer to me. Imagine my feeling of having sex with two women. That's great. My first threesome was about to begin.

Next was the moment of passion for three of us. I want to say is okay I saw some threesome video online, or else I really do not know what kind of role I should play...haha. One of the specific storyline I will not describe too much. In short, this is really a threesome experience to enjoy and pleasure. I hope my wife can often invite me to such an threesome sexual life. If not, I will go to some threesome dating sites to find happiness with her.